About Rio de la Vida

The Wellness Center Rio de la Vida is a place created for healing. Many people are experiencing health issues and even some have been given a terminal diagnosis. The caring physicians and staff at Rio de la Vida know the many toxins, processed foods, lack of proper nutrition and environmental toxins that leave us with great fear that our bodies will not recover to the healthy state God created us to be in. Many, with only a few days left to live, with proper care and lifestyle changes have rebounded back to health and are able to live happy, productive lives.

Please join us on a journey. We have combined some of the most effective natural health remedies to give our clients a rounded program to bring to optimal health the body and its organs. We know if a doctor has found cancer, then there are other parts of the body that are struggling as well, so we address the whole body. We start by increasing your oxygen and introducing simple exercise and progress each day, from early morning until evening, with treatments and therapies.

We have a chauffeur who will meet you at the plane as you disembark. He will bring you to the country and our facility. We have two full time chefs for your consultation on what you can and cannot eat. Then we will scan you for foods your body like and does not like to create a well-balanced meal for you full of nutrition.
We currently provide several rooms to share with other patients. Private storage is available for you belonging but please don’t bring anything of value because you will be asked to sign a waiver of liability upon your arrival.

We ask that you bring bathing suits and swimming shoes for our excursions to the rivers, ocean and our private pool. Being in the Caribbean should be enjoyed and the health benefits be received.

Our sauna is a infrared sauna and once you leave the sauna we have you rinse in the pool to remove toxins that the body has expelled, this sauna guaranteed to raise body temperature.

We encourage time in our butterfly garden and walking barefoot on the grass for absorption of nutrients from the ground. Many countries that practice barefoot walking have little to no health issues.

Rio de la Vida - Wellness Center TeamWe follow the Budwig Protocol to bring health back to the body by increasing oxygen and nutrients. We love to see cells become healthy.

The first day of treatments will be a full schedule, as most days include most of our treatments we do occasionally skip a day when the body is recovering. A full week is recommend to renew the body as much as possible before returning to challenging environment. We strive to teach everyone new life skills so they can overcome the toxic life left behind.

When people leave us they say they could feel a difference in their body after the first day. After three weeks of direct attention on the body we see many miraculous differences in the person, needless to say our guests are excited to feel better.

Please give yourself a break and come to the Caribbean to find your health again whether it is physical, spiritual or mental health.

God bless you and your decision.

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