At Rio de la Vida we treat the mind, body, and soul to ensure that all three are working together in unison allowing our patients to attain the healthy lifestyle that they desire, through nontraditional medicines, therapies, diet, and education.


How Does Bemer Vascular Therapy Work?

One of the first things that we target when a patient seeks treatment at Rio de la Vida is the healing of their Vascular System. The Vascular System is the Body’s distribution center, and is responsible for carrying blood, oxygen, and blood cells throughout the body via arteries, capillaries and veins.


When your body’s Vascular System isn’t cared for or not functioning properly it can lead to Vascular disease, which can be damaging to the arms, legs, organs, brain and heart. Vascular disease occurs when the Vascular System becomes constricted by the buildup of artery clogging plaque as well as an unhealthy diet, stress and lack of sleep. One-way Rio de la Vida can treat Vascular problems and promote long term Vascular heath is though Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy.



Is Bemer Vascular Therapy Safe?


When treated with Bemer Therapy at Rio de la Vida we apply a full body treatment, this simple pain free process targets the body’s Vascular System using electromagnetic signals, to activate blood vessels and encourage proper blood flow. 

Bemer Therapy works best when combined with other services and therapies offered at Rio de la Vida as well as the power of a healthy diet.


At Rio De La Vida, our staff are expertly trained to administer Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy. Book your next stay at Rio De La Vida and experience the healing properties of Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy, your mind, body, and soul will thank you.


“When we don’t make time for our wellness,
we are ultimately forced to make time for our illness.”

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