Grounding is becoming an issue in our bodies. There are many factors that separate us from walking or having direct contact with the earth on a daily basis to bleed off regular basic static from electricity and radiated electrical energy fields. In the end it can be a continuous unnatural wear currents inside the human body that may have an effect on health, and well being overtime.

Some researchers feel these currents interfere with the body’s bio electrical communication between cells. The end result may be a host of problems ranging from insomnia, inflammation, anxiety, depression, indigestion.

From ESD journal “according to the National Foundations Sleep – 2000 report nearly two thirds of American adults (62%) now suffer from sleeps problems. Americans have the most comfortable beds and the most protected sleep environment in the world. Yet in traditional society where most humans sleep on animal skins, grass mats or directly on the ground, sleep problems do not exist. As for American’s, most now sleep within 12 inches of electrical wires hidden in the wall at the head of their bed, and with some sort of electric device around or near the bed. All of which emanate e-fields through out the night and create weak electric currents in the body, Is this you?

The fact that most people, with the best health care in human history, now increasingly suffer from poor sleep and stress related health problems suggests that something, largely unknown to the health community, and public is wrong. The dramatic change from the body being naturally grounded to now conducting unnatural weak electric currents between cells is the most likely candidate. Circumstantial evidence is provided by the fact that humans in traditional society that maintain contact with the earth do not experience the common sleep and related health problems of the modern world.

There are case studies that prove that an important output of electricity helps the body tremendously to get the stored electricity out of our bodies by having direct contact with our feet to the land God create. So, we built a butterfly garden to invite you to walk bare footed in the grass and enjoy some of Gods beauty, as the electrical current leaves your body by your feet touching the ground the “Old Fashioned” way. So rip off those synthetic shoes and wiggle your toes in our Caribbean grass! Calling to the butterfly and humming bird.

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