Rife Frequency Therapy

    Are you feeling tired, ill, or out of balance? Have all your previous attempts to seek a sense of harmony and wellness been met with difficulty? Perhaps you could benefit from a Rife Frequency Treatment? The Rife Frequency Treatment Machine was invented...

Hypothermal Pool Therapy

Hypothermal Therapy, is the reduction of a patient’s body temperature to counteract prolonged high fever caused by an infectious or neurological disease, Its also less frequently used as an adjunct to anesthesia in heart or brain surgery.

Zyto Scan Using Elite & Evox Formats

  ZYTO Bio Scans Help You Make Better Decisions About Your Health & Wellness A ZYTO bio communication scan is a fast pain free process that targets the body’s natural energies through a machine called a ZYTO scanner, providing the user with a blueprint know...

Self Adjusting Chiropractic

At Rio de la Vida we treat the mind, body, and soul to ensure that all three are working together in unison allowing our patients to attain the healthy lifestyle that they desire, through nontraditional medicines, therapies, diet, and education. Self-Adjusting...

Lymph Activation

Lymphatic Activation is gentle but it has a powerful effect on the fluid systems of the body. If a patient can climb up flight of steps (16-20 steps) without becoming winded, they can handle a gentle lymph activation session of self-lymphatic activation. There are...


Chelation therapy is the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body. One popular chelating agents is a 2,3- dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid (DMPS).
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