Throughout or daily lives our bodies are subjected to and affected by many different toxins, stressors and even the food we put in our bodies, many of which we have no control over. When your body is functioning properly it acts as a filter protecting us from the effects of these harmful intruders, but as these impurities continue to build up in our systems, they can cause major problems.

How do Detoxifying Ionic Footbaths Work?

At Rio De La Vida Optimal Health and Wellness Spa we believe that detoxifying the body plays a crucial role when it comes to the health of your mind, body, and soul. One way we try and combat the buildup of impurities is through a Detoxifying Ionic Footbath. This Detoxifying Ionic Footbath is designed to draw the toxins through your feet and expel them into the ionically charged water.

At Rio De La Vida our expert staff will provide you with not only a healing experience but a relaxing one as well. We start by pinpointing what toxins, stressors and other factors are impeding your body’s natural functions allowing us to better understand what changes need to be made to start the healing process and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Are Ionic Footbaths Safe?

Our Ionic Footbaths are a safe and relaxing process. We utilize the hydrogen naturally found in water to create a positive charge. These positive charges will attract the negatively charged toxins that have accumulated in your body almost like a natural detoxifying magnet. Once the water has been positively charged the Ions in the water will begin to attract the toxins and pull them through the feet leaving the water… well you’ll have to see it to believe it.

This isn’t new medicine by any means in fact, Detoxifying Footbaths have been utilized as a traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years for the same benefits and healing properties that we see today.

At Rio De La Vida, our staff is expertly trained to educate and administer a Detoxifying Ionic Footbath. Call or click to book your next stay at Rio De La Vida and experience the healing properties of a Detoxifying Ionic Footbath, your mind, body, and soul will thank you.


“When we don’t make time for our wellness,
we are ultimately forced to make time for our illness.”

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