What You Need to Know – Frequently Asked Questions & More

Why Choose Rio de la Vida?

We believe the body will heal itself, therefore when applying our knowledge and unconventional treatments which are designed specifically for each client. This is different from conventional doctors’ offices and servers a different purpose to seek root causes and not treating the symptoms. Many times clients are sent home with no hope this is when many find us.

We work to restore the body to its perfect design and when this is accomplished the disease leaves the body!

We have helped many others like you and have been clients ourselves, so we understand what you are going through to some degree.

Success is Measured by the Client

We start to see results of improvement within the first two days of treatment and change of diet. Within two weeks we start to see great change in many areas.
We coach our clients on restoring health with lifestyle changes, mindset, spiritual healing and health. Most important is teaching our clients how to maintain their new health once they return home. Much of what we provide, we have experienced ourselves.

How do I Enroll?

Call our office 816-399-3080 to schedule the treatment program, putdown deposit and lab fee. Our packs will be sent to you to fill out forms and client history. Please make sure every question is answered completely. Please allow us to assist with any questions you might have.

Forms of Payment and When They are Due

There is a deposit of $350 required to make your reservation.  Paymenty for lab tests is $250. We are offering, for a short time, a three week stay for a two-week rate of $11,995.

Remaining balance is due upon check-in.  Payment methods available:  check, cash, or care credit, Visa, Master Card and American Express

Will I Feel Better?

Many believe you must feel worse before we feel better. We do not agree. Many of our clients feel better not worse.

How Long do I Have to Wait to Reserve a Stay?

We work to get you in our facility as quickly as we can but depending on the amount of people who have scheduled ahead of you and our ability to provide more rooms. We book a few month in advance if we have a cancellation we call those in line.

Medical Records

Please bring any recent lab work with you and present it upon arrival to discuss with our doctors, also bring any other records that are important to your health issues, even if tests were normal.

Why is it Important to Stay for Three Weeks

The body needs a kick start to register each organs job towards healing. It has taken a long time for the body to breakdown, but we are working with a short time for a come back. We need to focus on helping the body get back to the its original functionality, so it can find healing. The treatment time should be even longer if possible. Each day is filled with back to back therapies and a change of lifestyle, easy changes which get progressively more challenging.

What if I Live Close to the Clinic?

If you are located close to the clinic, we allow clients to go home to sleep but attendance from morning to evening is required.

Will Rio de la Vida Provide Dietary Recommendations?

The blood panel allows and baseline of bio-markers to reveal your nutritional needs your report will explain the results.

Extra Available Time in the Caribbean

We have a schedule that goes from morning until evening the only spare time is when we shut down Friday and Saturday evening at sunset for our sabbath. Sunday we provide transportation and some food items as we travel to river or the ocean for the health of our clients.

Outside Bare Foot Park

We have discovered how much of a difference it makes to go bare foot in safe places. Our society demands take us away from direct contact with the earth and healthy water.

Our Center’s corner property features a beautiful butterfly garden where your feet go bare.  This is a good way to get vitamins and minerals from the ground and the water to improve your health.


Everyone is welcome to use Friday-Saturday at sundown in any way you would like.

We play, work and study together so we invite everyone to join us. We are non-denominational and only seek a relationship with Jesus and the holy spirit.

We open the paths of healing trough god for each client. We find great success when we do.


We provide a chauffeur for necessary shopping as a group, rental cars are available at the airport. Our driver will pick you up at the airport.

If you feel you need groceries on the way to the facility, he can stop if there is room in the vehicle for grocery. He will provide runs to the grocery twice a week.


Food is provided by our facility, three meals a day. If you have food allergies, we can take you to get groceries and prepare your own food in one of our four kitchens inside and outside. There are some organic options at the fresh produce market, bravo grocery, national grocery.


The treatments and services for most of a given day so the only time for tourism is the weekends, we can arrange for a rental car and drivers if you would like. We take everyone to the river ocean to absorb the minerals and vitamins naturally once a week on Sunday.

If you would like to do some of your own sight-seeing you may want to look for tourism in Punta Cana or Puerto Plata which are pretty beaches.


We don’t work with any insurance providers, due to our unique office style of back to back daily treatments and lengthy sessions insurance companies will not pay for these treatments. They are necessary to a person’s improved health. We find daily treatments bring the body’s health closer to optimal health.

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