Lymphatic Activation is gentle but it has a powerful effect on the fluid systems of the body. If a patient can climb up flight of steps (16-20 steps) without becoming winded, they can handle a gentle lymph activation session of self-lymphatic activation. There are different ways that you can speed up your lymphatic System.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water: Helps with circulations and elimination of water-soluble toxins.
  2. Exercise regularly: (both cardio and strength training). This will contribute to a strong circulatory system.

1) Rebounding: is one of the easiest way to pump the lymph up and down with rhythmic gravitational force causesing the lymph systems one way to open and close, increasing lymph flow.

2) Inversion table: a padded table used to invert a person up side down while strapped in.

3) Lemon water: lymph’s is about 95% water and drinking plenty of water helps with circulation and the elimination of water-soluble toxins.

4) Enzymes: are produced by the body to break down food substances and to expedite countless metabolic processes. They are used by the body to clear toxic waste that can build up in the lymph and blood stream, making their supplementation a key way to improve lymphatic help.

5) Massage: manually stimulates the blood and lymph vessels, helping move the fluid along. It helps alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing. Massage that directly target the lymph system to activate the lymphatic fluid circulation and stimulate the functions of the immune and parasympathetic nervous system. This technique includes holding the hands flat and moving them over the body to detect and assess the current lymph flow patterns, moving in wave-like movements to release blockage in the network of lymph nodes and vessels.

6) Herbs: have proven to be effective in improving lymphatic health, whether in their ability to increase lymphatic flow and drainage or the clearance of toxic substance deep within the body.

7) Lymph: this is used to assist in lymphatic flow and circulation take a drugs shower brush with coarse bristle and brush towards the heart. This stimulates the sweat glands, opens pores and gets rid of dead cells. It also covers the movement of lymph and blood in tissue which helps clear toxins.

8) Raw Foods: lymph quality is enhanced when the body is supported by a healthy diet.

9) Regular Exercise: regular (cardio and strength). This will contribute to a strong circulatory system. It is good for the health of you heart and blood vessels. Resistance training adds muscle mass, which increases the efficiency of both cardiovascular and lymph circulation.

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