Sacred Seven


Sacred Seven

At Rio de la Vida we believe that a healthy brain is key to leading a healthy lifestyle as well as maintaining a healthy body.

One thing we do to strengthen and support proper brain function is through the consumption of an amino acid blend called Sacred Seven.

This supplement is designed to speed up the healing process of the hypothalamus mimicking what is found in amino acid rich foods that have been proven beneficial to proper brain and body function. The Hypothalamus acts as the control room to the rest of your body, so it’s crucial that its functioning properly, if its not you may have trouble losing weight, maintaining body temperature, lower immune system function, stress response, and even sex drive.

This supplement is also great for patients that suffer from ADHD as Sacred Seven is found to balance the brains chemistry and increase focus. So if your suffering from any of these symptoms give your system the boost it needs with Sacred Seven.

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