Music can have an profound effect on the human body physically, mentally, and spiritually at Rio de la Vida we believe in treating all three with the healing properties of sound.

What Is Wholetones Chroma?

Wholetones Chroma was created by Michal Tyrrell in the hopes of bringing enlightenment, healing, and faith to the masses. The music that Michael has created utilizing the power of frequency is specifically designed for its dynamic healing properties, reducing stress, anxiety, and healing the whole body.

How Does Wholetones Chroma Work?

Michael has discovered how to incorporate the healing frequencies of his music with light, and color to create a beautiful mosaic soundscape that combines the healing properties of music therapy and chromotherapy. By simply listing to the soothing tones or targeting specific areas with these healing frequencies our patients have seen a significant reduction or improvement in stress, anxiety, and even body function.

Here is an example of the songs:

1) Open door 394 HZ frequency 22.22 min

2) Desert so journ 417 HZ frequency 22.22 min

3) The key of David 444 HZ frequency 22.22 min

4) Transformation 528 HZ frequency 22.22 min

5) The bridge 639 HZ frequency 22.22 min

6) Great awakening 741 HZ frequency 22.22 min

7) The majestic 852 HZ frequency 22.22 min


A Note About Wholetones Chroma Healing From Rio de la Vida Founder Jill Reed


When Michael Tyrrell, who is very handsomely married, handed me a copy of his book that God asked him to bring to me! Signed and full of frequency!

I love Jesus Stories… and the story as I remember Michael telling it.

When God spoke to Michael (my favorite part since God speaks to me too!). God told Michael to gather some of his musician friends and arrange a time for them all to get together to play music for the lord. Michael was so excited, and the group agreed to meet Michael at a recording studio in Texas.

Michael was incredibly anxious because God still has not given Michael the music the group was supposed to play. Now, he had to explain to his fellow musicians that he didn’t have the music yet! Michael was nervous as he told them to each go into a recording booth and god would inspire and guide them. Michael prayed and entered his booth to get ready, when suddenly everyone started playing and played until they all stopped in unison.

The studio technician was making all kinds of hand signals, so Michael was excited to hear what he was saying. He was astonished to find out how perfectly everyone played together. When they played it back, they could see what he meant.

Only God could have created that! They did it again several more times all ending again in unison. What they would find out after the recording session was that each song was a different frequency and would heal a certain organ!


Much to Michael’s surprise these notes have not been heard since king David’s time! God bless our journeys as they come together to worship our God! We happily play God music created through Michael in our wellness center!

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