ZYTO Bio Scans Help You Make Better Decisions About Your Health & Wellness

A ZYTO bio communication scan is a fast pain free process that targets the body’s natural energies through a machine called a ZYTO scanner, providing the user with a blueprint know as bio feed back which helps the user improve overall well being through a holistic approach rather than relying on invasive procedures and synthetic medicines. ZYTO Bio Scans are a safe alternative to medicine with no known side effects, since ZYTO Scans use such a small amount of energy they are safe to use at all ages from infancy to old age and can be used frequently.

A ZYTO scan is one of the easiest ways to stay in tune with your body and its overall condition. When a ZYTO Bio Communication Scanner is used properly, it will scan the body for hundreds of variables using digital signatures to identify the body’s natural biomarkers. Some of the most common biomarkers include the body’s organs, teeth, bones, nervous system, muscles, joints, hormones, brain function, and the body’s natural chemistry. ZYTO scan will also locate triggers that affect the body’s natural function such as allergens, pathogens, electromagnetic fields, metals, and diet.


Reframe Your Thinking – Evox Helps Improve Health, Relationships and Personal Performance

Once you pinpoint these natural biomarkers you have a roadmap to systematically start healing the body. At Rio De La Vida we also provide Evox Reframing a tool that is designed to work specifically with a client’s personal perceptions targeting events, people, and other aspects of our day to day lives. Evox uses the voice to determine and map out what these stressors are in order to begin the mental healing process.

At Rio De La Vida, our staff are expertly trained to administer ZYTO Bio Communication Scans with Evox. Call or click to book your next stay at Rio De La Vida and experience the healing properties of a ZYTO Bio Communication Scan and Evox Reframing, your mind, body, and soul will thank you.


“When we don’t make time for our wellness,
we are ultimately forced to make time for our illness.”

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